JCBRN Defence COE Program of  Work 2010


CBRN MEL/MIL STEADFAST series to support NRF TRG and certification

CJBRND Task Force TRG to support BN and JAT in their TRG phase

Collect/evaluate LL from EX and NRF

CBRN detection in maritime environment incl. CBRN C2 matrix and Format of dataprocessing

CBRN knowledge distribution to NATO community

Chairmanship DT Panel and Custodianship AJP 3.8 and ATP 3.8.1, Vol.1

Participation in CBRN TRG WG, JCG and subWGs, DGP

Participation in NATO conferences, Workshops, meetings

Support UKR

DRR 11 CBRN study

-    threat analysis,

-    quantify capabilities,

-    evaluate effects as inputs to the Action plan

CBRN reach back concept

CBRN courses/conferences

-    CBRN evaluator course/WS,

-    1st responders course,

-    CBRN DAT conference

CBRND CP development, TIGER team meetings

SME support for NATO School

Take over the ACAR update from JCG  LTCR study

Support other COEs to achieve the status of IMO