JCBRN Defence COE Program of Work 2012

  1. Support NRF and CJ-CBRND-TF exercises and certification
    • Assistance and support to STEADFAST series exercise
    • Assistance and support to COMET/BLISTER seriese exercise
    • TOXIC Industrial Material (TIM) Map development for major NATO joint exercises
    • Provide SMEs/briefer for JFC HQ exercise attendees
  2. Support CBRN Training Education Exercising and Evaluation
    • SME support for NATO School
    • Support Annual NAC WMD Seminar
    • Support Annual Crisis Management Exercise (CMX)
    • Support Evaluation of CBRN units
    • Support CBRN WG/TRG SG
    • Support NATO Training Group (NTG)
    • CBRN Training for Forensic Attribution / Intelligence
  3. CBRN Concept and Doctrine Development
    • Support to IMS, ACO, ACT
    • Support the new Deployable Forces Concept/CJ CBRND TF CONOPS revision.
    • The CBRN Reach Back and Fusion Concept implementation and CONOPS development
    • Support a new strategic comprehensive CBRN defence concept's development
    • Support the Hybrid Threat Concept development
    • Support the Implementation of CP - CEPC Proposals for Enhancing Civil-Military Cooperation in CBRN defence
    • Chairmanship DT Panel
    • Custodianship AJP 3.8 and ATP 3.8.1, Vol.1
    • CBRN CM Training Handbook
  4. CBRN LL
    • "Collect/evaluate LL from EX and NRF"
    • Bi-SC Joint CBRN Prevention in the Maritime Environment Concept
    • CBRN Intelligence concepts and doctrine
  5. Force Planning and Capability development
    • NDPP
    • Custodianship JPAWS (JCG CBRN Priority Assessment and Work Schedule)
    • CBRN Scenario Development
    • Support to NATO CD&E
  6. COE organized Courses, Workshops and Conferences
    • "Train the Trainers" Course based on the International CBRN Training Curriculum for First Responders.
    • CBRN Unit Evaluator's Course
    • Advance course "CBRN W&R manual procedures" - ATP-45D
    • Participation at the Training Synchronization Conference
    • COE´s Directors workshop
    • NATO CBRN Defence Conference / Enhance J CBRN def COE Profile
    • PPSG meeting
  7. CBRN knowledge distribution to NATO community
    • Production of briefings, notes, articles and paper for NATO CBRN community
    • Participation in conferences, workshops, meetings
    • On request provide an SME to the ACO Force Protection Working Group (FPWG)
    • Participation in NBG WG and their activities
  8. Support others COEs and mutual cooperation among COEs
    • Support other COEs to achieve the status of IMO
    • EOD
    • NMIOTC
  9. CBRN Modelling and simulation capabilities development
      NMSG/MSG-096 Cosequence/Incident Management for Coalition Tactical Operations
    • Participation in NATO M&S conferences
  10. Support to Partner Countries
    • Support partner countries in CBRN defence area on request
  11. CBRN Cooperation Network building
    • Maintain contact regarding future cooperation with International organization working in CBRN Defence areas (e.g. IMS, CEPC, IAEA, OPCW ....)
  12. COE Studies
    • Study on HVE CBRN support
    • Study on "Preventive Pillar", CBRND tasks
  13. New Requests
    • CBRN RB&FE Experimentation
    • Support the NATO BMD
    • Participation on SOF CBRN training conference
    • Workshop for NATO HQs CBRN officers